Sunday, August 12, 2007


SHELLEY, originally uploaded by KatieTark.

Meet our Shelley. She's probably one of the sweetest 14 year olds there is.

She never complains-- not even when her arthritis is bothering her. I can tell it hurts when she tries to walk. . .but she never says a word.

I never have to worry about her making a mess. . .she NEVER does. We couldn't stand to see her in a shelter, so she's with us until a really good pet lover comes along.

If you've never had an older dog, they are a delight. Very predictable, loyal and have patience. Shelley is truly a special little girl and deserves a loving family.

Hey Seniors. . .help another senior. Can you welcome a senior partner into your home?

Fostered by Ursula

For more information about Shelley contact Ursula at Rescuing Rover.

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