Sunday, August 12, 2007

GRACIE (Grace)

GRACIE, originally uploaded by KatieTark.


How she got her name: Gracie was originally named Grace, because when she came in with those long legs on the vinyl tile...she was sliding all over....very "UN"Graceful...thus, Grace.

Gracie is a female about 2 years old. When we first got her she was a 50 lb., underweight, emaciated mess and balding from a severe case of demodectic mange. The incision where she was spayed was infected and was split totally open—seriously almost 4 inches long. There was no way she could be adopted in her state. She needed major rehabilitation and lots of lovin first.

OH BOY. . .only 4 months later--look at Gracie now! She's around 100 lbs. She loves everyone. She is really great with other animals. The photo in the collage with the white dog is Gracie cuddling with our fostered, disabled dog that got beat so bad she has major neurological problems and can barely walk or control her legs. Even though we tried to create a cart for her, it doesn’t seem to work. Gracie makes sure she gets loads of attention.

Well, around my house Gracie likes to play, run, cuddle, love and yes, rest with the rest of the pack! Because she is an inside dog only, she can only be adopted to a loving family that will keep her inside. . . appreciate and welcome her warm, open, loving, unconditional heart.

"You think dogs will not be in heaven? I tell you, they will be there long before any of us" ~ Robert Louis Stevenson. . . .Are you ready to open your heart to Gracie?

Fostered by Brenda

For more information about Gracie, please contact Brenda at Rescuing Rover.

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