Thursday, October 9, 2014

Abandoned Dogs! A Message For Humanity

Two Heelers Rescued from Abusive Owners

Heather Carruthers is known as an animal advocate.  She will step forward and go that extra mile when she sees abuse with any animals.  This is the case with these two beautiful Dog.  We would love to see them in a great Forever home.  Would love to have Foster home in the interim.  Post here if you would like to Foster these guys.  If you would like to adopt, please contact Heather at Pet Mommy or call  870-741-5935

Dog Dumping in Harrison!!! This has to Stop!

This darling puppy was left by our door at the Links in Harrison yesterday morning. He was left sitting in a lawn chair with no collar, food or water. A neighbor told me a girl just left him there and told him she couldn't take care of him anymore and now he would be someone else's problem. When I went outside my door and saw this poor little guy scared and hungry, I was devastated to say the least. Why do people do these things. Whoever you are, you should be ashamed of yourself. If anyone knows who this darling puppy belongs to, let me know. He is being taken care of very well right now.  

Please Call or text 870-743-3980

Monday, May 5, 2008


Ace, originally uploaded by KatieTark.


Originally posted: 12/30/07: If you are looking for a Christmas dog, this is him. Take a look at Ace. He needs a home with a fenced in yard because he likes to chase things.

Ace is one year old, is neutered and has all his shots. He really likes petting. He knows how to sit, lay down and shake hands. If you have time to train him, he could probably do all sorts of tricks.

He’s been my dog for a year. I live on two acres – with no fence. My house is surrounded by cattle and he won’t stay out of the fields. I’m afraid something bad will happen to him if he’s caught chasing the cattle….if you get my drift.

Call me if you need a beautiful dog who would be a great friend (or know someone who does)!

Micki (870)391-3242


Muggsie is ten months old. Terrier mix, male, neutered. He is housebroken, leash trained, good with cats, children, and other dogs. Contact Wilder for more info.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

MEET LILLY--Spayed, Housebroken

Lilly, originally uploaded by KatieTark.

This is Lilly. She is housebroken, shakes hands, talks to you and is a really big sweetheart. She is fine with other dogs and cats.

Lilly likes to be in the house with her master. She likes to lay to your feet and looks with so much love up to you. Lilly is a very big and strong girl. So, to walk with her on the leash (she needs some training) you have to be strong as well. She also likes the water.

Lilly is spayed, current on all shots and on heartworm prevention. Adopters must agree to a home visit and also sign a contract for Lilly's security. There will be also a adoption donation, that will be used to help one other pet rescue in need for medical care.

Fostered by Ursula. For more information, contact Ursula at Arkansas Pet Rescue.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Help Us With Emily--Needs Foster Home!

Emily, originally uploaded by KatieTark.


Emily was found injured by a Harrison resident's home. Their son bonded with Emily. The resident provided temporary food and care in their garage which was great!

Emily is very sweet and good natured, but in pain. Her shoulder seems to be dislocated. We don't know for sure. Our Rescuing Rover Vet examined her and determined she needed X-Rays to determine the amount of care she will need.

The Harrison resident who found Emily decided they couldn't provide continued care/financial support, so Rescuing Rover has now taken Emily to our local Vet for care and further evaluation. If she is OK, then we really need a Foster Home for her immediately.

Won't you please give Emily a good home? We also need a financial sponsor for Emily if needed. Please check with us to see her progress. . .thank you.

Currently fostered by Genie. For more information about Emily, contact Genie at Rescuing Rover

Thursday, November 22, 2007


Sampson, originally uploaded by KatieTark.


Sampson is a sweet boy. He is my brother's dog. I am fostering him until he gets a new home.

He is neutered, and is housetrained. He is due for his Rabies and Distemper which I will take him to get in the next two weeks.

Since he has not been on heartworm preventative, I will also have him tested and started on heart worm preventative.

He gets along well with cats, although he does want to play, however, my cats won't lower themselves to play with a dog! ha,ha)

He is also very good with children as he grew up with my brothers two boys.

My brother told me that in May 2007, Sampson had gotten off his lead in the back yard and was gone for about 1 day and a half. When he did come home, he had a gaping flesh wound on his left hindquarter that would make you cringe. He was taken to a vet after hours and left over night to be treated. It's taken quite some time to heal and there is still a little sore where Sampson licks. He seems fine otherwise.

Runs and plays in our back yard like the big boy he is!

Fostered by Kelly. For more infomation contact Kelly at

Friday, November 16, 2007


BELLA, originally uploaded by KatieTark.

Bella is a Poodle mix, but her hair is straighter. She’s 42 lbs. She needs to be spayed and get her shots. She really needs to be in a good home that will keep her inside. . .not outside. She loves to take things and hide them. So if you're missing your underwear, a shoe, your mail or even a phone book, chances are Bella has taken it outside. She likes to play games. She's a fun loving, mischievous and extremely playful girl.

Bella LOVES kids and cats. Gets along great with other dogs too!

She's about 6 months old now and housetrained--she uses a doggie door too! She's the type of dog you just love to have around. Cute, affectionate and always with that darling face. So take a serious look at Bella. She needs a good, loving home.

"Every boy should have two things: a dog, and a mother willing to let him have one" ~ Anonymous~Can he have this one mom?

Fostered by Brenda For more information about Bella, contact Brenda at Arkansas Pet Rescue

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mom and 8 puppies

Mom & 8 puppies, originally uploaded by KatieTark. UPDATE: ALL PUPPIES ADOPTED! MOM STILL AVAILABLE.

This starving Mama was rescued a couple of months ago who turned out to be pregnant. There are now 8 puppies that were born Memorial Day weekend and need homes. The puppies are Heinz 57 for sure…Too soon to know about personality traits.. There are 4 males and 4 females…all very cute and very different.

(original post 8/10/07) For more information about Jan's Mom & 8 puppies. Contact Genie at Rescuing Rover.

Lil Missy and Mister

Lil Missy & Mister, originally uploaded by KatieTark.

"Lil Missy", the Boxer mix female is not aggressive at all but she plays very rough. She is spayed. Mister- he looks like a cute little wolf--likes to play and chew. He'll need plenty of chew toys. He is neutered.

(original post 8/10/07) They both are being fostered. Contact Susan at Arkansas Pet Rescue for details.

Heidi and CoCo

Heidi & CoCo, originally uploaded by KatieTark.

HEIDI ....the Rottweiler: 5yrs old--been with CoCo since 10 weeks old....spayed; not housebroken; needs fenced yard......she is a great watchdog....appears mean but is very friendly. Best friend is Heidi! COCO....the German about 7....loves to fetch a ball....needs fenced yard; knows some tricks but is NOT housebroken....neutered & up to date on all shots & Frontline. best friend is Heidi!

(original post 8/10/07) Fostered by Nadine

Contact Genie at Rescuing Rover for details.


Roscoe, originally uploaded by KatieTark.

Here is Rosco-a mixed breed dog that was found dumped along the side of the road as a baby. The Foster Parents have been unsuccessful at finding a home for him and they couldn't bear to send him to the shelter. He is a medium size dog-about 40 lbs-and is about 1 1/2 yrs old. He's real sweet natured and would make a great pet.

(original post 8/10/07) For more information about Rosco contact Genie at Rescuing Rover


Lucky, originally uploaded by KatieTark.

Lucky weighs about 40 pounds now. He was born on January 19. He is half Boxer and Queensland Heeler. He is a great puppy. He is looking for a great home. Housebroken, lots of energy.

(Original post 7/29/07) For more information about Lucky 2 contact Rescuing Rover

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Molly and Chin-Chin

Molly&Chin-Chin, originally uploaded by KatieTark.

The black and white cat is "Chin Chin". He is the only one available for adoption. He needs a home only for inside. He has allergies especially fleas. He also is declawed.

Fostered by Ursula.

(original post 7/29/07)

For more information, please contact Ursula at Arkansas Pet Rescue

Ko-Ko & Ginger

Ko-Ko & Ginger, originally uploaded by KatieTark.

What a pair! They were picked up by the road. Hungry, flea ridden and chuck full of mud. Their foster parents have taken care of them so good, just look at how great they look now! They are both female...not spayed yet. We think they are about 5 to 6 months old...VERY polite --Housebroken too! Adopt together. . .that's what we'd like to see.

original post 9/3/07 For more information contact Rescuing Rover.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

5 puppies

5 puppies, originally uploaded by KatieTark.

5 Puppies.. . .lots of details. Please contact Brenda for specifics.


Spirit, originally uploaded by KatieTark.

Lab/Wein mix. Spirit is spirited. She is not spayed. She's housebroken and loves to play. Her name truly fits her. She is spirited and a very loving and caring pet. She loves other animals and is loyal. Contact Genie at or call Rescuing Rover at 870-365-8510