Thursday, November 22, 2007


Sampson, originally uploaded by KatieTark.


Sampson is a sweet boy. He is my brother's dog. I am fostering him until he gets a new home.

He is neutered, and is housetrained. He is due for his Rabies and Distemper which I will take him to get in the next two weeks.

Since he has not been on heartworm preventative, I will also have him tested and started on heart worm preventative.

He gets along well with cats, although he does want to play, however, my cats won't lower themselves to play with a dog! ha,ha)

He is also very good with children as he grew up with my brothers two boys.

My brother told me that in May 2007, Sampson had gotten off his lead in the back yard and was gone for about 1 day and a half. When he did come home, he had a gaping flesh wound on his left hindquarter that would make you cringe. He was taken to a vet after hours and left over night to be treated. It's taken quite some time to heal and there is still a little sore where Sampson licks. He seems fine otherwise.

Runs and plays in our back yard like the big boy he is!

Fostered by Kelly. For more infomation contact Kelly at

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