Friday, November 23, 2007

Help Us With Emily--Needs Foster Home!

Emily, originally uploaded by KatieTark.


Emily was found injured by a Harrison resident's home. Their son bonded with Emily. The resident provided temporary food and care in their garage which was great!

Emily is very sweet and good natured, but in pain. Her shoulder seems to be dislocated. We don't know for sure. Our Rescuing Rover Vet examined her and determined she needed X-Rays to determine the amount of care she will need.

The Harrison resident who found Emily decided they couldn't provide continued care/financial support, so Rescuing Rover has now taken Emily to our local Vet for care and further evaluation. If she is OK, then we really need a Foster Home for her immediately.

Won't you please give Emily a good home? We also need a financial sponsor for Emily if needed. Please check with us to see her progress. . .thank you.

Currently fostered by Genie. For more information about Emily, contact Genie at Rescuing Rover

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