Friday, August 10, 2007


Oscar, originally uploaded by KatieTark.

Hello Fellow Dog Lovers! My step sister is in need of a good home for her 7 year old English Springer Spaniel, Oscar. She is moving to Texas in less than 2 weeks and will not be able to take Oscar with her. Although Oscar gets along fine with her 2 young boys, he does have some minor health concerns (see below) that take more time than a working mother of 2 is able to provide. Knowing this, she is sick about the whole thing and is desperately trying to find Oscar a good home (no charge for the dog, just love :-). If you are interested, or may know anyone that is, please let me know asap. She currently lives in Springfield, if you would like to meet Oscar. I have also attached some recent pictures of him. Here are some things about Oscar: 1. Full Blooded English Springer Spaniel, she has had him for all 7 years. 2. House Trained and Good with Kids (she has two young kids under 2 years) 3. Good with other animals (they also have a cat and Oscar gets along with her just fine) 4. Used to staying inside all day with frequent visits outside. 5. Overall, a really good, beautiful dog 6. They have all of his papers, Frontline, Dog Food, etc.. His Health: 1. Had an accident when he was a puppy and has a foot that has a small amount of padding on the paw. Therefore, if he is going to be outside of extended periods or on different terrain (woods, etc), he has a special booty that he should wear. 2. Suffers from Chronic Ear Infections, they give him ear drops daily to help avoid any infections. They have worked with their vet to try and fix this, but no luck yet :( 3. Sensitive skin, sometimes gets "yeast infections" (which I'm sure is due to his ear). They keep him groomed to help avoid any skin problems. I have seen Oscar and even hough he may have the occasional itch, his coat is healthy looking and shiny. Thank you for any help you can give and communication to others about this great dog. I hate that we have so many dogs ourselves, otherwise I would take him in a heart beat. Please let me know if you have any other questions or are interested in meeting Oscar. For more information about Oscar, please contact Rescuing Rover.

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