Sunday, August 12, 2007


MAMMA, originally uploaded by KatieTark.


Mamma Dog was originally scheduled to go up north after she was abandoned. While on the way, she freaked out in the car, so she stayed with me. She still hates cars today...probably because that's the last thing she remembers about being abandoned.

Mamma is a cocker spaniel mix. . a good dog, up to date on all shots, wormed....spayed. She’s good with dogs, cats and kids...(note: should be slowly introduced to dogs...she's normally fine within an hour or two...and will chase the cats if they run, and even corners them, but would never hurt them).

She likes to make the house more chaotic when animals or kids are around. When we come in the door she gets all the other dogs excited...barking and playing with them. Have you ever tried to walk in, much less carrying like groceries, past 10 dogs in a short hallway...the little ones on the stairs yapping, and Mamma running, and playing, and barking, and getting them all excited....well, that’s Mamma.

With all the running around she does, she should be thinner. I don't see her eating that much either. She is a bundle of fun and a joy to be around. She loves to love and be loved.

Why not give a little lovin to this sweetheart. . .she won't break your heart. . .she'll help mend it--open it. . .and bring a special kind of love into it. . .we promise

Fostered by Brenda

For more information about Mamma Dog contact Brenda at Rescuing Rover.

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