Friday, August 10, 2007

Mindie & Maude

Mindie & Maude, originally uploaded by KatieTark.


Mindie & Maude are Beagle/Basset (?) twins. Can't tell them apart. about 8 months old females. Very timid with people if they think they are going to be manually disciplined. . .freak out on a leash but learning. Lady from vet call them her "Dragons". . .she had to Drag 'Em out of the cage. Very sweet and calm. . .get along with all dogs. Listens well. Need more human socialization and confidence they will not get hurt again. Would not suggest as hunting dog due to timidness. They were picked up in Hwy 14. . .initially there were 3 more siblings, but all hit by cars and killed. Owner didn't care. About 25 lbs., all shots but rabies, wormed, spayed. Fostered by Brenda. For more info on Mindie & Maude contact Rescuing Rover.

UPDATE: Mindie & Maude are adopted. They are now in Illinois. YEAH!

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